Politics of Nordic Terror: Live Rehearsals MMIII

by Avitas

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Kriegsminister 666 Grimy and dark, this collection of live mayhem by Avitas is a mix of black/death in the war metal vein with guttural and black metal vocals and riffs. There are also moments of improvisation and a touch of stoner metal. The sound is not bad for a "micro-cassette" recording, with all instruments but the bass clearly audible. Unedited and raw, a good glimpse of the early lineup and material of this British Columbian Black Metal band. Favorite track: Politics of Global Mind Control... (07/24/03).


Featuring the early live line-up of Avitas from the summer of 2003, these micro-cassette recorder built-in microphone captured rehearsals have been transferred to digital and compiled into this Bud Metal Records release of live untouched monophonic black metal. There are no overdubs or studio clean-ups, only the grim sounds of Trends in Terrorism/Smoke EP/Politics of Global Mind Control live era Avitas. A good cross-section of the earlier album tracks which featured a touch of death metal and political messages with the black metal blasphemies, performed with pure misanthropic abandon. Warning: recorded in glorious mono and analog, grimly underproduced.

"Most of the tracks are very long and epic in length as well as the death metal influence being more prevalent on this album than the future recordings they later put out with all of the tracks being recorded in 2003, and some of the later tracks shows a more melodic side of the bands material in the early days as well as having a few instrumentals that shows despite the raw black metal side of most of the material the band are very talented musicians that have a great amount of talent and skill...The music utilizes a good mixture of slow, mid paced and fast parts along with a great amount of blast beats and the production gives the music a more raw and lo-fi black metal sound along with a very dark sounding atmosphere and some of the later tracks show a great amount of thrash metal influences in the guitar riffing...8/10 " Occult Black Metal 'Zine occultblackmetalzine.blogspot.ca/2014/05/avitasbud-metal-recordspolitics-of.html


released September 11, 2011

copyright 2011 Bud Metal Records/Myrtroen
All music written by Myrtroen, lyrics by Myrtroen/Cormier, performed by Cormier (vocals), Myrtroen (guitar), Welton (bass), and Elliot (drums).
Recorded at the Avitas rehearsal space 2003.
Photography by Tannis.



all rights reserved


Avitas Kelowna, British Columbia

Pagan blood and Heathen will flows through the heart of AVITAS, the ongoing work of black metal infidel Myrtroen. The essential struggle to free the world from the Abrahamic slave cults continues with AVITAS standing with the Black Solar Order in this fight to the end! Occultum Lux ad Infinitum. B.S.O.

Bud Metal Records: avitas66@hotmail.com
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